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The Convert-A-Trolley was designed and invented in 1998 by engineer and designer Claudio Coslovi.

Originally designed for a world-renowned beverage company to assist with day to day deliveries. Claudio wanted to give an alternative to the standard and limited platform trolleys and Hand trucks which were available at the time.

With its patented design the Convert-A-Trolley is a unique 2 in 1 trolley. This allows you to go from a standard

platform trolley to hand truck without moving any of the load. This is not only time saving but also ergonomic friendly by reducing the repetitive task of loading and unloading the Trolley.

At 22kg the Convert-A-Trolley is easy for almost anyone to operate, this weight is also under the recommended manual handling weight limit at the work place. With its fold up design it can be stored and moved easily and that is a necessity in today’s busy and tight space world, where space is premium.

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